Gary and Jared continue their discussion of the Watchmen.
Stories where the central character lies about something important often waste audience time without building tension
I despise the Butterfly Effect in time travel stories because there is simply no way to establish what is at stake.
Episode 2: Who Watched the Watchmen Part 3 of 5Listen now | Jared and Gary continue their discussion on the Watchmen.
Who Watched the Watchmen Part 2Listen now (17 min) | Gary and Jared continue discussing the watchman.
In a multiverse, every plot development, however implausible, is permitted because we know it won’t affect our return to the expected climax
Renegade Reviews Episode 2 Part 1: Who Watched the Watchmen?Listen now (16 min) | Gary Varner and Jared Hinde discuss the merits of the Watchmen (2009)
I can’t really recommend it because spectacle trumps any sense of the story hanging together and we can infer nothing from past events
Until close to the end, everyone continues to behave as if previous events and circumstances have no consequences and vital information is optional.
Oh well, it IS a multiverse, so maybe, in this reality, all the heroes stink
But, like Schrödinger’s famous Cat, he is alive in one universe and dead in another.
The Mirror Dimension in Multiverse of Madness dispenses with sharp intellectual conflict, opting for unexplained power plays instead