When Will — now an AI — “possesses” a tradesman so that he can touch his wife Evelyn again, Evelyn begins to have second thoughts…
In Part 1 of my review of the 2014 classic, we start with the question: Can a human mind be completely transferred to a computer?
Despite some lapses that made me wonder if the same crew was doing the writing, they are on a par with Star Wars and Star Trek.
We meet fresh villains and finally learn River’s secret: She knows the origin of the malevolent Reavers and it is not neat or pretty
Some viewers have complained that director Joss Whedon changed the characters’ behavior in the film vs. the TV series. I believe they are mistaken.
When all is said and done, Firefly is one of those classic series that any sci-fi fan should watch.
River proves to be a telepath but highly unstable, as she mistakes a gun for a stick and Mal must get it away from her
Otherwise, you may just want to skip this one. But let me explain why
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Gary Paul Varner